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What Cutter Deck

BOB-CAT® offer 3 types of cutting decks on all ride-on and stand-on mowers;
Side-Discharge, Rear-Discharge & Mulching Deck.

BOB-CAT® offer 4 types of cutting decks on all pedestrian hydro mowers;
Flail, Side-Discharge, Rear-Discharge & Mulching Deck.

  • The original and perfect for most situations.
  • Will cut 11" grass down to 5.5" - never cut more than 50%
  • Less likely to clog
  • Produces a clean sharp finish
  • Allows high speed mowing
  • Perfect even dispersal of clippings
  • The council & contractors favorite.
  • Will cut 11" grass down to 5.5" - never cut more than 50%
  • Cant clog
  • Fast mowing even in the wet
  • Even dispersal of clippings
  • Clumping in wet conditions
Mulching Deck
  • Mulching decks, need specialist mulching blades
  • Will cut 8" grass down to 5.5" - never cut more than 33% in any singe pass
  • Will clog in wet conditions
  • Perfect even dispersal of clippings
  • Leaves a Perfect finish, just a little slower than other decks
Mulching lawn mowers help to maintain a healthy and green lawn by re-circulating and re-cutting the grass clippings under the mowing deck, producing a fine mulch. This mulch is forcibly returned to the lawn where it rapidly decomposes, putting precious nutrients back into the soil. Ideal for domestic and high profile grass areas. Flail Deck
  • The contractors & council must-have
  • Flail decks cut tall wet grass, scrub & brush
  • Standard flails are shaped like an extruded "T" or "Y"
  • Leaves a tidy mulched finish.
  • If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off.
  • All debris is sent grounwards
This type of mower the best for taller grass where contact with loose debris may be possible such as roadsides.


  • When mowing large areas, start by turning to the right so that clippings will be discharged away from shrubs, fences, driveways, etc. After two or three rounds, mow in the opposite direction, left hand turns, until finished.
  • If grass is extremely tall, it should be mowed twice, the first cut relatively high, the second cut to the desired height.
  • Use the left side of the mower for trimming.
  • Choose cutting directions so that clippings are thrown onto areas that already have been cut. This method results in the most even distribution of clippings and more uniform, better appearing cuts.
  • Use a different mowing pattern each time a property is cut where possible. This helps prevent rutting and leads to a more uniform cut by keeping the grass from always laying the same way.
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