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Why choose a Zero-Turn Mower


Zero-Turn mowers are made for one purpose only, mowing grass. They mow quickly, they leave a perfect finish and will save you time trimming around obstacles.

You can cut your mowing time in half using a zero turn mower instead of a traditional riding lawn tractor.

  • The manoeuvrability of zero turn mowers allows you to easily mow around trees, flower beds and other obstacles more easily than a traditional lawn tractor
  • Not having to back up and go forward or making multiple circles around a bush does save time compared to a conventional lawn tractor
  • Zero-Turn mowers tend to be between 30 to 50% lighter than comparable non specialist machines - lighter machine don't bog down on wet ground.
  • Allows you onto the grass earlier in the season and longer at the end
  • Cuts Quicker (some machines cut at 12mph)
  • Much less strimming needed after cutting, saves even more time in the tidyup
  • Much more reliable than comparable non specialist machines
  • Much cheaper to run
  • Its a "no brainer"


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