FREE Extended Warranty for CRZ models

HYDRO PEDESTRIAN - pistol grip .

Bob-Cat Mowers - CRX  heavy duty domestic zero-turn mower

Reasons to buy
  • Professional User - upto 800 cutting hours per year
  • Choice of mowing decks to suit you
  • 6mph max mowing speed (subject to ideal conditions)
  • Upto 4 Acres cut in per hour.
  • 3 year Warranty - subject to standard terms & conditions
  • BOB-CAT® probably the last ever mower you will need to buy for this job.


Take a big step forward in value, control, and productivity with the BOB-CAT® hydrostatic drive mid-size walk behind mower. Choose the traditional SoftGrip™ EZ pistol grip for a comfortable and easy to use with less operator fatigue. You'll benefit from all-day comfort and proven performance. They're the mid-size walk-behinds that will keep you out in front..


Out in front with a great cut! The improved clipping dispersal from the Extreme Discharge System and DuraDeck. delivers a high quality of cut when you side discharge, mulch or bag. The Extreme Discharge system allows you to produce a world-class cut on all types of turf. Providing improved clipping dispersal and preventing scalping and damage to turf, the DuraDeck™ helps you take charge and get the job done right. Equipped with a new resilient molded rubber discharge chute for improved clipping dispersal, BOB-CAT® keeps you moving forward.


Single-belt routing on the BOB-CAT® Hydro mid-size walk-behind means a longer belt life; and lower maintenance costs equal more productivity with more uptime. Fewer service points, maintenance-free heavy duty spindles and wheel bearings, long-life belts, heavy duty electric clutch and offset cutter blades keeps you moving forward.


BOB-CAT® Hydro with pistol grips walk behind mowers offer comfortable controls to minimise operator fatigue. The Hydro features New SoftGrip™ EZ controls with a shorter throw and wider paddles for reduced effort. The new design also features Operator Presence Levers that conform to the handle shape and fit in the palm of the hand. The improved roller thumb latches have also been updated with a more ergonomic design that makes it easier to engage and disengage drive controls with a flick of the thumb. The Hydro with Z-Control™ provides smooth zero-turn manoeuvrability with ergonomically designed levers, an easy-to-use speed control bar and a reverse assist bar. Dual hydraulic pumps and wheel motor offer ultimate control and boost productivity.


Take a big step forward in value and performance with these flexible mid-size walk-behinds in your choice of 36", 48" and 52" deck sizes. Powered with reliable Kawasaki® FS Series engines in electric or recoil start. The low positioning of the aluminized steel horizontal muffler allows you to easily maneover under shrubs and bushes, resulting in a clean cut every time. All this plus our NEW flat-free caster wheels deliver the mower you need for maximum uptime. Optional grass catchers integrate without chute removal. All deck sizes are available with mulching kits to extend the versatility of your mid-size walk-behind mower.

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